Shipping & Returns

We are committed to the satisfaction and safety of our customers and therefore we seek a relationship of partnership, trust and respect. Based on the Brazilian Consumer Protection Code (Law No. 8,078 of September 11, 1990), we created our Delivery and Return Policy.


Deliveries will follow the deadlines and forms stipulated by the Post Office and / or the transportation companies, and the deadline counting will start from the postage at the transport company.

For your safety and convenience, your order may be tracked by the number that will be provided to us at the time of confirmation of payment.


Under the Consumer Protection Code, our customers have the convenience of requesting the exchange of their orders, for regret or dissatisfaction within 7 (seven) days of receipt. Goods coming from exchange should be sent to the address below:

Vulcan Cutelaria Brasil

Rua Antônio Monteiro, 100
Além Ponte - Sorocaba / SP
CEP 18015-064


Shipping Terms:

If the exchange of the product is due to malfunction or purchase disagreement, the product must be forwarded by SEDEX COVERING to Vulcan Cutelaria Brasil.

If the replacement of the product is motivated by the customer's regret, the shipping costs should be borne by the customer himself and thus, the shipping method is at your discretion.

In these situations, if the requested product is not in stock, the customer is free to choose another product from our inventory or to be reimbursed the amount paid. If the new product is of higher value than previously chosen, the customer should promote the complementation of the value through bank deposit.

ATTENTION! Vulcan Cutelaria Brasil does not refund the difference in customer value if the value of the new product is lower than the previous product.

Reimbursement of Values:

The reimbursement of amounts will follow the same form of payment used at the time of purchase, provided that the conditions described above and as follows:

- Credit Card: The chargeback will be requested by Vulcan Cutelaria Brasil to the card operator / Payment Intermediary, and will be made according to the procedure of the payment operator / intermediary itself.

We do not reverse the amount directly to the customer's bank account. If this is done, due to reasons that, by force majeure beyond our procedures, will be done within 10 (ten) business days and directly in the customer's bank account and never in the third party account.

In the event that the purchased product has its security seal breached, we ask you to refuse its receipt, immediately informing our Customer Service (15) 9 3300-4537 - Sorocaba / São Paulo, or through our e-mail. mail:, informing:

- (i) name,

- (ii) address,

- (iii) order number and

- (iv) contact telephone.

We will contact you as soon as possible to provide prompt advice.

If any irregularity is found (eg misuse, absence of invoice), Vulcan Cutelaria Brasil will be free to accept the product (s) without first a detailed analysis of the situation. We will contact you to try to resolve your issue to the best of our ability.

To make a safe purchase, thoroughly evaluate the specifications of each product such as description, data sheet, dimensions and color, as well as delivery times and conditions for your location.

If you still have questions or have any suggestions, please contact us:


- 15 9 3300-453